Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ban it or burn it but do it!

Some steps need to be taken regarding all kinds of tobacco. Tobacco ban for minor is not enough; age limit should be increased to 25 years.

It is sad to learn that most kids turn to tobacco at very vulnerable age. Although, when they start chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes it is just out of fun, but later on it leads to serious problems. Various cancers are deadly but such habits also lead to depression and frequent mood swings, which are equally bad.

Though there is a tobacco ban in foreign countries people find their way to get it. Relatives of Indians’ residing on foreign land, take bags full of tobacco along with themselves. As it is not permitted to carry tobacco across the airport authority, they sell it off to stores present at airport, at huge profit. At a moment’s phone call, tobacco-crazies come to this stores and the whole stock is sold within a few minutes. What a profitable business, indeed!

Those who are doing this kind of business don’t even feel any burden on their conscience? It is sad that for our own benefit we are selling low poison to others. Could we be able to stand it, if our own relative or family-member becomes sick due to it?

Two kids of seven years of age were smoking cigarettes on 15th August to celebrate their independence. Is this what we want our youngsters to lead to? If no, than active action is required from parents, who themselves are addicted to such kind of habits. Let’s make the world a better place to live!

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