Saturday, February 2, 2008

Begins hazy but ends well

Colourful Kites... Sharp Strings... Delicious Food... Loud Music...
Funny Caps... Plenty Balloons... Fancy Goggles...
Empty Roads... Brimming Terraces...

In place of vibrant colourful sky, Kite Flying begins with foggy sky this year. Too much of fog at around 9.30 a.m. was the reason of discontent among keen Kite-flyers. And as the fog disappears it took away wind too with it.

Never the less early morning to late night there are only kites all over. Kite Flying is a festival, which consumes all kind of flavour in it. It begins early in the morning and is celebrated till late night. People not only fly kites but also enjoy delicious food, loud music. And late at night now there is a new trend of Dance Party on rooftops.

Undhiyu, jalebi, tilsaakdi, chikki, sev khamni, etc and various fruits like guava, sugarcane, fresh Valyari and bour, etc are very famous eatables of this festival.

All terraces are either full of loud music or shouts like ‘Kaipo Che’ and ‘Lapet’. People of Ahmedabad are festive freak and so, it is likely that whether there is wind or not they enjoy Kite Flying festival to the fullest. And as the evening grew darker ‘tukkal’ and parachute and also crackers were among the hot favourites.

Though inclusive of all such fun, there are people, who don’t enjoy this festival at all. According to Amit, ‘it is boring and just one more holiday, so instead he plan to see a good movie and take pleasure of his holiday in his own style.’

Well his friends, Kirit and Vishal do not share this opinion. According to them, ‘on kite flying whole day is confined to terrace.’


kishore said...

Soaring thoughts. Let them continue to soar higher. Good thing about them they are not confined to kite season. Thoughts do flow all the while, if you are awake or asleep. Day or night, in or out, thoughts are our best friends. Blogs are here to enable us to store them.............

ritu jadwani said...

well...thers a WHOLE stream of articles in ther,n i picked this one cuz of its philosophical title..!
which sumhow tuk me in..!
n i got sumthing rEALLY different than wat the name suggests!
i guess DATS succesfull journalism!
changing the way ppl luk at things,n giving them sumthn they lEAST,expect!
wish ya luck for the next documentation...! :)
keep goin.!