Saturday, February 2, 2008

Child Labour of Higher Society!

Child labour is the most lamented subject. Child labour is present not only in the lower strata of the society but also in the upper strata. Surprised? Well it is a fact.

Labour means work done beyond one’s capacity. Educated people talk about the poor who send their children to work to augment family income. But what about the labour that educated people inflicts upon their own children in their own home?

In well-to-do-families parents force their kids to learn swimming, music, dancing, computer and many more. Is this not labour? A child is overburdened with so much to do that it has little time to play. Although here the labour is not to earn but for their parents so-called status symbol or ego satisfaction. According to most parents, it for the benefit of their children. But why not let the child decide what he/she wants to do?

In order to meet parents’ expectations, frustrated kids are under strain leading to depression and suicides. Suicides are at peak during Board exams. Parents expect their kids to perform beyond their capacity-level, why? Everyone is not born to be a celebrity.

Nobody is perfect and master of every skill. A Mere top-rank in education doesn’t help today. Increased competition has leaded us to set ourselves different from the common education, which we all have.

So why not for once parents leave kids alone and let them decide what they want in life? Parents perhaps need some counselling if not education.

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