Saturday, February 2, 2008

Civilization in Disguise?

Is the world we live in civilized? We call ourselves civilized and sophisticated but in reality we still are far from civilization.

All around us daily we find people who behave in an ignorant manner, than what is the use of the education, which we attain, as it is futile.

We find people throwing waste paper and plastics on the roads, do we behave in the same manner at our homes, if yes, than only we have a right to do so on roads.

And there are some people who spit and snivel on roads. Shouldn’t we all be slightly more responsible citizens and try to stop them?

Government has taken active step for traffic rules and regulations recently by charging fine from those violating rules. And it has been quite successful in channelling traffic and trailing down number of accidents. Government should also indulge into taking active step, against such people also, who throw garbage on roads.

The worst thing one can mark is our culturally civilized people are also not so civilized. Affluent businessmen and seniors do throw garbage and spit on roads. It’s the worst of all habits they have formed, which will lead to irresponsible youngster and careless future generation.

If our senior citizens and so-called culturally civilized-people of the society behave in such manner than what can we expect from lower sections of our society. On one hand we teach the lower sections of our society to keep their homes and utensils clean and on other hand we spoil playgrounds, parks with our unhygienic habits.

Our society runs plenty many programs for bringing different kind of awareness among all the sections of society. These public welfare institutions should draw their attention to upbringing the standard of thinking of people, to maintain hygiene at public places.

Like hygienic public bathrooms, Government should also bring fine system when they see people spitting or throwing garbage on roads. Government should put frequent dustbins around various corners. And people should be fined if seen spitting or throwing garbage on roads.

‘No Spitting’ boards should be kept at all corners in all languages with signs on them to make people aware. The following banner helps to draw people’s attention:

‘Cleanliness is a pleasure, which one should always treasure.’

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