Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fight for Daughters’ Freedom!

Being mother of two girls, I feel it is time we accept girl and boy as equal, in all outlook, rather than being hypocrites. When we want our daughters to be as competent as sons, why should we behave biased, when it comes to allowing them to go out with male-friends?

I allow my girls to go out-of-town with their guy friends. And I fail to understand what is wrong with it? If we want our children to share everything with us as a friend without any fear than being a parent we too have to put trust in them. We fail to go with the trend, understanding the psyche of younger generation and then blame it on society. When we know that today’s generation is going too fast and beyond our thinking, what is wrong to accept changes, which are, for good and much needed?

If we say, holidaying with opposite sex is not acceptable before marriage in Indian culture then there are many things, which are not acceptable in Indian culture that happens in our society, which we ignore entirely. ‘Abortion cases are on rise during Navratri’; do we have any answer to this question? Most of the questions, faced by today’s guardians, are not linked with being liberal parent or not, but are associated with the values we built in our children. Are we any different then Muslim culture of some countries, where female is not allowed to go out without being accompanied by male member of the house?

‘What if she gets in trouble when she goes out with male friend?’ is such a hypocritical question, why we fail to ask ‘What if she meets with and accident while driving a vehicle?’ isn’t it funny... Do we ever think ‘What if children become victim of molestation when they go to school or for their hobby pursuits?’ Fearing something, which is entirely baseless, we make our own double standards in name of society and instigate daughters, to feel deprived of making their own decisions. It is high time we give our daughters, freedom and space to grow and let them make their own choices and stand by our daughters.

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