Saturday, February 2, 2008

Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up for your rights; Get Up Stand Up, Don’t give up the fight.

During the admission of a child, a school demands donation. The more the money the better the school. Why should parents pay any money at all for the admission? Why don’t they demand explanations from authorities? What is our government doing to stop this wrongdoings? Is there any law who can stop this?

Who is opposing, the mass cheating taking place in the examinations? And if some person is opposing, he/she is laughed upon. Shouldn’t we fight for our rights?

National Television Institute of India is facing a problem of declining students year after year due to higher fees and shabby condition of the institute. Ms. Sushma Swaraj visited the institute and said that they will look into the matter and try to solve the problem after a debate. When will the problem be solved? After there is no single student left in the institute, to shutdown the institute permanently.

Circus troop abandoned animals after governments seized their rights to operate, of which two animals died and others are in bad conditions. Now the matter has gone to high court and these poor animals are waiting for a decision, which will alter their fate. We can expect that the decision will arrive at least before the death of other animals.

Cooperative bank scam is at peak right now. Interest rates are reducing day by day because our government is following US strategies without thinking what is beneficial for our economy. So is our government planning to provide unemployment allowance like the US government? Many families are allegedly committing suicide. And who is responsible?

We are responsible. We should stand up and do our best to change the situation instead of complying with it.

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