Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let’s Combat Tobacco!

Tobacco consumption is rising in India by leaps and bounds. Although, there is a nation-wide ban on advertising any kind of tobacco, Wills hoarding at Natraj crossing stands tall.

Illiterate and literate turn to tobacco - blindly. Men are already addicted to tobacco, now tobacco-giants are targeting women!

Children are not only vulnerable to tobacco addiction. But second hand smoke is deadly enough for them. An estimated four million children under 15 are believed to be regular tobacco users. Children of smokers have acute lower respiratory infections, decreased lung functions, increase eczema and asthma, etc to name a few diseases.

For about a decade Filmfare Awards has been sponsored by - Manikchand - one of the top-selling brands of Gutka but nobody seems to oppose.

According to WHO, India, is heading towards a tobacco epidemic. Nearly, 50 per cent of Indian males over the age of 15 are smokers. And 8 lakh lives are claimed every year due to tobacco!

World No-Tobacco Day was observed on May 31 with an appropriate placard “PAAN masala, cigarette, beedi, aa to che maut ni seedi''.

Let’s become mature citizens and stop manufacturing, propagating, and consuming tobacco.

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