Saturday, February 2, 2008

Prevent Accidents

Accidents happen all over the globe. Indian road claims many lives daily. But we are least bothered about patrolling or speed limits. Though, helmets and sit belts are made compulsory, they are unable to bring down accidents. Strange?! Everyday TOI publish accident-related articles but no concrete steps are taken to curb accidents.

There should be strict adherence of traffic rules in city and on highways. Speed limits for both should be set. Highway police should patrol 24x7. State transport, tourist buses, private vehicles should be checked for their speed, vehicle condition, permissible load on vehicle, driver license, etcs. Mobile phone use while driving and drunken driving should be severely punished.

Research suggests that most accidents happen due to drunken driving, use of phone and dozing on wheels. Drunken driving and use of phone can be traced and punished. Special speed limit for night should be enforced to curb accidents at night. During night most drivers loose control due to less visibility and overtaking. More lights on highways or prohibiting driving during night hours can curb accidents.

Ensuring safety of travellers seems to be the primary need today.

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