Thursday, February 7, 2008

Protect Yourself!

A girl is gangraped by 6 teachers in Patan, and instead of providing support to the girl and her family, everyone is asking for action against teachers!

It is indeed sarcastic that in our male-dominated society, only male gets prominence even when they are the offenders. Sadly, nobody is talking about the girl. Everyone is interested in the action to be taken against those teachers.

National Commission for Women asks for women teachers in college, which is a girl’s college. How can employing female teachers in college solve anything? Does it make any sense? Will the offenders stop from committing such crimes in future? Are we saying that all men are bad?

Crime will continue to take place, if not college then some other place. Today, there are talks for recruiting female teachers. Tomorrow, we will preach that girls should not go out after so and so time, not wear some type of clothes, girls should not be bold and/or beautiful, and girls should not make boyfriends. How many things and how many people will we be able to restrict? We can’t control anything except ourselves.

To protect girls from such criminals, our society needs: liberal and supportive parents, and a broadminded society. We need to equip girls by training them self-defence. It is not possible to lock all the bad-doers behind bars, but it is possible to make our society cautious against various crimes.

Focus should be on supporting the victim not punishing the offenders. We should change our psyche and, first and foremost think for the victim. Don’t make girls weak, make them strong!

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kishore said...

Fantastic! Congrats. So I managed to have a glimpse after this long gap. I am delighted. Keep it up. This one I have seen...... yes with my inner eye up to high raucous. the others I'll try to see all.
each item is good. Except a literal ( type mistake) here and there. Let us correct them some time. More later. ukstranger