Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sanctity of Marriage!

Are we heading towards primitive age? The article, “The new vow: Till divorce do us part” by Radha Rajadhyaksha (Monday, January 20) was very good and printed at the right time. But besides women being more conscious of their rights there are many other factors associated with increasing amount of divorce.

Higher education and working women, young age affairs and Adultery, Internet and western influence are a few reasons for marriage failures. It is interesting to note that word ‘compromise’ is lost in marriage. Divorce cases are filed for a dispute on furniture design, for a dispute on colour of sari, etc. These are very silly reason for filing a divorce, what are we heading towards?

The pace of life among youngsters has become very fast. To survive in caustic competition has left little dignity among all of us. Earlier we used to respect values, tradition and culture but today we use them for our own benefit.

TV and Internet have influenced all aspects of our society. No medium is bad in itself it is the way we use it makes it bad. Porno-site needs to be banned. Youngsters are exposed to these things at a very fragile age, leading to no respect for the so-called institution named marriage.

A marriage is based on understanding, trust, compromise and lastly love. Love alone is nothing. If other three words are removed marriage won’t last. And it seems that trust and compromise and even patience are lost among both the genders leading to – Divorces!

In some way it is justified to write - I was born brilliant, education ruined me! It is a pity, if we get good education than we should be more sophisticated but instead we have become more barbaric.

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