Saturday, February 2, 2008

Skewed Notions

Culture has no connection with sexuality! We want to make issues out of non-issues probably as we don’t have anything better to do.

‘Piya tu ab to aaja’ song filmed on Helen and many more old-time songs are boldly sexual. ‘Sexy Sexy Sexy’ song filmed on Karishma was changed to ‘Baby Baby Baby’ on moral grounds, whereas, ‘Meri pant bhi Sexy’ didn’t face such problems. Does that indicate that women should be portrayed decently but not men? That means men don’t have dignity !

Amitabh don’t face problems with ‘Juma chuma de de’, Ashwariya don’t face problems with ‘Crazy kiya re’, Sexy of film ‘Cheeni Kum’ doesn’t face problems. And we don’t seem to have problems with bikini-clad beauty queens. Our barometer to judge obscenity is skewed.

Why sex is such a tabooed word? Why a female have to be depicted as daughter, wife or mother only? Why can’t a female be just a woman? Why can’t she be proud of her sensuality? If a good looking man with good physic is considered attractive why can’t a woman be considered plain sexy? And if we have problem with woman being sexy and attractive then those matrimonial adverts should not use words like good-looking, handsome, slim, beautiful, etcs.

To indulge in dialogue over art, culture, morality, female-sexuality, obscenity is important but more important issues are poverty, education, health, hygiene and global warming. Why don’t we concentrate on more important issues of the world?

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