Saturday, February 2, 2008

Why Uttarayan solely guilty for bird deaths?

Comes Uttarayan and talks about birds being killed during two-day festival start making rounds. It is high time we the defenders of Save Bird Campaign start looking within ourselves.

If we live in apartments and have a vehicle and electricity, then we have no right to point out that kite-flyers are killers. Because we all have created concrete jungle in our city where there are very few trees, when we daily pollute air by driving vehicle, when we use plastic bags and when we daily take something from environment instead of curbing any kind of environmental harm. There are so many more instances which will prove us all killers.

Ahmedabad have continuously seen decline of birds over years. Population of Sparrows, Parrots, Vultures, and Owl to name a few have declined alarmingly. To blame two-day kite festival for it is ridiculous.

Let’s talk about dumping our vehicles to save butterflies, squirrels, street dogs, cows, etc. Saving birds is important but blaming kite festival solely for their deaths is easy way out. If we want to save environment we have to go back and live in primitive age.

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