Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yes Hubby Dear!

The Perfect Bride comes at the Perfect Time. Where will wannabe brides land up? It is true most men want their would-be wife to be ‘homely’ but this is not the only perspective. There are men who want their wife to earn and be the pillars for the household expenses. Won’t it be wrong to demand from girls just the opposite of what they desire?

It is rightly said, ‘It takes all kinds (of men) to make these world.’ If today’s men want their wife to be docile they are on a hopeless quest. The girls who want to be house-wife get to meet those guys who want them to earn to make the ends meet, whereas, the girls who are career-oriented find guys who want them to be house-wives.

It’s great that today’s girls pursue their career with determination. And yet, in all, we find only 10-20% even lesser women on top positions. Rest all women windup working as customer care executives or in front-desk job. Is this what we consider as career? Due to more and more women working, men get lesser and lesser job opportunities, leaving all responsibilities on their fairer counterpart’s shoulder. Doesn’t this leave men lazy as never before and wanting everything readymade? Isn’t it wrong to expect everything out of women?

Does men really help wife in household work? Where does this leave women? Working indoor as well as outdoor… then what is the need to marry? Men if doesn’t earn enough want their wife to earn and if wife earn more than their ego is hurt terribly. Ouch, touchy! Why not let women decide, for once, what they want? Or is it too much to ask for space and decision-making of ones own life?

Aren’t we the confused generation between East and West culture? What do men and women of today actually want? And how come it is always men who have demands to make and women to comply?

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